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Surrounding tourism

Let's go to Hakodate sightseeing in the city of history and culture!

  • Mt Hakodate

    Night view of Hakodate is awarded as one of the three biggest night view of the world from long ago and is a landscape overlooking the city area from Mt Hakodate summit observatory with a height of 334 meters.It is close to the top of the mountain by the ropeway as 3 minutes, and the urban areas that are continuous from the foot of the mountain can be seen in front of the eyes that the hand seems to reach.

    【About ropeway mountain foot station, parking lot】

    Both municipal sightseeing parking lot and parking lot parking lot can be used free of charge.
    ●Municipal tourism parking lot
    58 units(15 buses·43 regular cars)
    Cable parking lot
    85 regular cars

    ●"Ropeway two-wheeled parking lot" is for business use · Handicapped vehicle exclusive use · Bike · Bicycle combination parking lot
    The parking lot will be fully filled evening even on weekdays and in the busy season the southern slope side will be exclusive.
    • Speaking of Hakodate sightseeing, night view appreciation from Mt Hakodate! Please enjoy the best moment that the beautiful city lights weave.

      Night view from the top of the mountain

      Mt Hakodate Ropeway timetable

      From 25th April to 15th October, First departure 10:00 Uplift final 21: 50 Drop down final 22: 00
      October 16 to April 24, First 10:00 Upload Final 20: 50 Down Final 21: 00
        ●The ride time is about 3 minutes.
        ●Business hours may change due to weather etc.
    • Hakodate's streets overlooking the summit

      【About Mt Hakodate mountain climbing road】
      Please note that motorcycles can not be used for mountain climbing all day.
      Also, due to the regulation of mountaineering paths, there are time periods and periods that can not be climbed by a regular car (my car).

      Mt Hakodate Ropeway Fee

      Normal fare
      Adult(s)(Middle school student)1,280 yen
      Child 640 yen
      Infants from 0 to 2 years old are free.Preschool children aged 3 and older are free for 1 adult and 2 children from 2.
  • Goryokaku Park

    One of the 2 biggest sights along with Mt Hakodate, Goryokaku Park.Star castle "Goryokaku ruins" is designated as a special historic site of the country.Spring is a sight of cherry blossoms, in the winter the illumination is colored around the moat, it is just a fantastic beauty.
    • Goryokaku Park where you can enjoy various views every season.The view from Goryokaku Tower overlooks 360 degrees city.

      Goryokaku Park

      Gokikaku that became the last fort for the former shogunate army led by Enokoto Takeo, Hijikata Seiko and others in the Bakkan war, the last battle of the Boshin war.It is designated as a special historic site of the country, and is popular in the name of Goryokaku Park general.●The Goryokaku Tower Observatory has exhibition space "Goryokaku History Corridor" where you can learn about the history of Goryokaku, "see-through floor" where you can see the bottom with tempered glass floor, "shop", "cafe stand" and so on.
  • Bay Area

    Main spot of Hakodate sightseeing such as shopping and gourmet.
    There are red brick warehouse group and sightseeing tour boat, you can enjoy Hakodate actively.
    • Nostalgic appearance shopping mall.Sales of glass products · teddy bear goods and handmade music box workshops etc. There is only charm here!

      Hakodate Meiji-kan

      Originally a historical building built as a Hakodate post office in 1911 (Meiji 44).Currently as "Hakodate Meiji-kan", it is reborn as a shopping mall that sells Hokkaido folk crafts, glass products, music boxes, etc., while leaving the appearance at that time as it is, one of the sightseeing spots representing the Bay Area.

      ●It survives the war and the large fire and leaves that form as far as today as a building telling the history of Hakodate.As a historic building characterized by red bricks, it plays a major role in the city of history · Hakodate.
    • Delicious brews and delicious food.Please enjoy the pleasure of traveling.

      Hakodate beer

      You can enjoy delicious food that goes well with beer using Hakodate's seafood / Hokkaido fresh ingredients, mainly at Hakodate No. 1 brewery which is brewing with 100% groundwater at Mt Hakodate.A variety of menus tailored to the season are arranged, the interior filled with the atmosphere full of the taste of the brewery tank is crowded with visitors from Japan and overseas every day.

      ●At the shop corner, we sell items related to beer such as "Goryoku no Star", "Meiji Hall", "One Step in the North", "Night Night Scene" etc. for souvenir land beer, snacks and beer mugs.
    • Speaking of bamboo sushi in the bay area is all right here.A lot of neta in near sea of Hakodate stuck to freshness!

      Hakodate maru and fishery

      The local fish in Hakodate near the sea which is sent directly from the neighboring fish market is only neta of passion due to the eyes of "fish store".Please enjoy the fresh seafood of Hakodate the ocean city with sushi.
    • Hokkaido·Hakodate's "Delicious! "Fulfilling assortment sticking to! , It is also recommended that the hotel's Seafood Restaurant Ika-Ika Tei some Ika-Ika Tei.

      Hakodate Seafood Market

      Hakodate Seafood Market is a souvenir shop of the Marukatsu Group based on the fish foods founded in 1965.Not only fresh fish, but also delicious specialties of Hokkaido and Hakodate that counts 2000 species are lined up.

      ●In the restaurant "Seafood Restaurant Ika-Ika Tei" which was set up in the store, you can choose your own fish arrived on the day on the same day that you ordered in the store, and also serve a classic seafood bowl and recommended seafood kettle from breakfast, dinner, alcohol You can enjoy it as a relish.
    • An exhilarating cruising experience that can be tasted only here.Hakodate sightseeing is always different from usual.

      Sightseeing Boat Blue Moon

      Please spend the time in the best ocean with a romantic white hull that motifs the moon floating in the sea.

      ●Day cruise, One round in Hakodate Port, Approximately 30 minutes roundtrip tourism
        <Fee>, adult (junior high school student and above) - 1,800 yen, child (elementary school student) - 900 yen, infants (3 years - 6 years) - 350 yen, infants (under 3 years) - free of charge to 1 person

      ●Night cruise, Hakodate - Roundabout between Samukawa, Approximately 60 minutes round tour
        <Children (elementary school students) - 1,800 yen, infants (3 years - 6 years) - 580 yen, infants (under 3 years) - free of charge to one person

      ※Weather, charter group, other situation according to operation is impossible case appears.
  • Tram

    The speed of the train is relatively relaxed, and the state of the city can be seen well.
    Every line 10.9 km, the ride time from the starting point to the end point is about 1 hour 40 minutes.If you buy an electric ticket one day ticket, you can get on and off anywhere anytime.

    ●From March 25, 2017, traffic system IC card "ICASmimoca (squid to Nimoka)" service is the beginning of, as 10 kinds of traffic system IC card issued by the JR companies and private railway, public companies can also be used in Hakodate City power became.What can be mutually used are Kitaca, Suica, TOICA, ICOCA, SUGOCA of JR series, PASMO, manaca, PiTaPa, private company, nimoca of private enterprises and public companies.

    • A tram that retro design you want to ride at once. It blends into the cityscape of Hakodate.


      For the convenience of sightseeing, you can purchase a one-day ticket for exclusive use of electricity (600 yen for adults, 300 yen for children) at the hotel's front desk, tourist information center, convenience store etc.Since we use scratch on the ride date, coin etc, it is safe to purchase in advance and prepare.