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  2. New Corona measures

New Corona measures

  • Approach to new coronavirus infectious disease

    We are making the following efforts to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 

    ■Wearing a mask
    All staff wear masks.We also ask our guests to cooperate with us by wearing a mask. 

    ■Installation of partition to prevent splash infection
    The front desk on the 1st floor has a partition to prevent splash infection during check-in.

    ■Implementation of disinfection
    We regularly wipe the conductors of customers and staff around the lobby on the first floor with a disinfectant.Alcohol hand sanitizers are installed at the front desk, at each restaurant entrance, in front of the elevator, etc. We ask our customers for their cooperation. 
    ■Staff physical condition management
    We instruct you to thoroughly wash your hands and gargle thoroughly.All staff take temperature measurements when they come to work, and staff with a fever of over 37.5 degrees do not go to work.

    ■Temperature measurement at check-in
    We ask all our customers to cooperate in the temperature measurement at check-in.If a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher is confirmed, we will contact the health center and respond according to the instructions.Please understand that you may be asked to refrain from staying.Please note that the new coronavirus is a designated infectious disease, so if the infection is confirmed, the hotel will not be allowed to stay.If you are confirmed to be infected after check-in, please leave immediately.Please understand.