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Good location, 10 minutes on foot from JR Hakodate Station.Please use it as a base for Hakodate sightseeing.

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16-9 Omori Town, Hakodate City, Hokkaido Prefecture

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Restaurants & Events, INFORMATION

  • ◆Reiwa Original Year May Restaurant Event Notification◆

    Japanese Food Restaurant·Sushi Restaurant Kitamae Bune, May Recommended Menu

    Extremely Popular!! Nigiri Lunch
    And, Shokado lunch of Kitamae Bune

    Mother's Day-Mother's Day Cake-

    How about giving a feeling of gratitude to the hotel special cake and giving it a try ...
    It is a reservation system. Please hurry!

    ◆Gateau Phrase ~ Shortcake of Strawberry ~ (15 cm)
    ¥ 3,000 (tax included)

    ◆Opera Rouge-Cake of Kiso (14 x 11 cm)
    ¥ 3,000 (tax included)

    For reservations and inquiries, please contact the hotel front desk at TEL: 0138-26-8181

    We look forward to seeing you from all the staff.
  • ◆THE Chinese set meal menu has been renewed◆

    Extremely Popular!! THE Chinese set menu has been renewed.

    Recommended menu of hotel staff! Please relish.

    THE Chinese set meal NEW menu

    ★Stir-fried shrimp and bacon
    ★Stir-fried pork and vermicelli
    ★Scallop with chili sauce
    ★Stir-fried oyster with black pepper sauce
    Mabo tofu·soup·The Sai·Dessert·With coffee
    Each ¥ 980(tax included)~ ¥ 1,200 (tax included)

    Also, we have been offering THE Chinese bowl since last month!
  • ◆3rd, Dainippon Wrestling & Ice Ribbon HOTEL HAKODATE ROYAL◆

    Tag match by female professional! Exciting match by 31 players in total!
    Extremely Popular! It has been held for the third time this year!

    ◆Date and time: June 27, 2019(wood)Opening 17: 00 / Starting 18:00
    ◆Location: HOTEL HAKODATE ROYAL, 3F Royal Hall

    Special holding! Tuna dismantling show!
    Various food stalls·Drink corner (each·Toll)
    There is also beer sales by women's professionals.

    Tickets are purchased at the HOTEL HAKODATE ROYAL Front Desk.
    Tel, (0138)26-8181


  • Golden Hall

    "Floor", Second floor

    "Area dimensions", 364.8 m2 (110.5 tsubo)

    "Round Table Number Seating Capacity", 21 tables·210 people

    "Theater style", 350 people

    "School style(1 table 3 persons multiplication)", 200 people

    "Mouth style", 100 people


Hotel Facilities

  • Cake shop

    First floor, cake shop hotel signature sweets line up.  You can also enjoy it at the hotel 's cafe & restaurant Cucumber Tree and in the guest rooms.

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